Control Board

AD Control Board

With our diversified product offering, we can offer our customers with virtually any Input, As an experienced solution provider in the LCD display field, Whether you have strict requirements, multiple inputs , uncommon resolutions, panel enhancements that the board needs to work with. We also offer customised solution that works with a new panel that you are designing into your new product.

AD Control Board Demand AV56-01 Series

  • Analog RGB Compliant Input ports
  • HDCP/HDMI/MHL Compliant Input port
  • Video Input port
  • USB Input port

AD Control Board Demand CES-98981 Series

  • VGA x 1
  • DVI x 1
  • HDMI x 1
  • S-Video x 1
  • Video x 1
  • RS-232 and remote control OSD
  • Audio I/F

AD Control Board Demand F2280C-11 Series

  • Analog RGB Input port
  • Auto Detection/Auto calibration
  • Support for 8 or 6-bit panels
  • Fully programmable zoom ratios

AD Control Board Demand F2281L-01 Series

  • Analog RGB Input port
  • DVI Compliant Digital Input
  • Support non-liner scaling from 4:3 to 16:9 or 16:9 to 4:3
  • Audio: 2W x 2
  • OSD key: Up to 7 KEY

AD Control Board Demand F2482-01 Series

  • HDMI X 1
  • DVI-I X 1 option
  • VGA X 1
  • RS232 and Remote control OSD option
  • Audio 2W X 2
  • +5V Outputt
  • I2C I/F